SEMOA's 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Raub - Bentong, Malaysia

SEMOA's (Strategic Education Methods & Ongoing Advancement - A non-profit charitable and non-govermental organization) 15th Anniversary event was held at Bentong. The overall purpose of the event was to celebrate the Anniversary of SEMOA Bhd. and also to raise funds for the expansion of the ORANG ASLI EDUCATION CENTRE (OAEC) located at Raub, Pahang.

In these modern times, there are still plenty of rural areas in Malaysia. Despite our government's effort to boost the education sector for our Orang Asli (indigenous people), they are still struggling to coup with the urban culture and other problems such as transportation and impoverishment.

With the masterminds behind SEMOA, both Timothy and Rajen provide shelters, accommodation, schools, and other important amenities which solely based on donations. Besides lodging, food and clothing are taken care of and when required, the OA villagers will be recommended jobs as well. Since education is the core purpose of SEMOA, children of OA are educated by tutors and given the sufficient materials and tools such as computers to prepare them in pursuit of a higher and better education.

Even to date, our company has been supporting the effort by SEMOA both financially and by participation. The event in Raub brought our entire company together and it was a day to be remembered as all of us had ample of fun with the various activities such as Gotong-royong, dancing, and etc.

As Malaysians, we at Ascent believe that education is the way to eradicate poverty and raising the standards of life particularly those of the OA community and people.

If you are interested in knowing more or partake in helping our Orang Asli community, please do drop us an email at